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Introduction to ASTANG (or RaJ) YOGA of Patanjali. 

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Remember that only one in a million, a true seeker of God is able to reach the last step of Samadhi.

A real Raj Yogi is able to clearly visualize the present situation in subconscious mind and many events of remote and recent past. With a perfect sense of Time and Place he is able to judge events likely to occur in near future to a fair degree. With perfect control of mind and all attachments (Maya) he is able to make right decision (Sankalpa) and keep other options (Vikalpas) open. His goals and dreams are clear. A Yogi is able to judge all possible and impossible, probable and improbable events during the 'Dhyana' state. This 3 tense sense Trikal Gyana or Kundalini Shakti is present in all human beings, which meditation teaches how to unfold.

Summary and a few Tips.

1. Yoga cannot be learnt without well read teacher. Spend some time for search of a reliable GURU.

2. Do not spend money for buying costly Yoga books. Yoga cannot be learnt by reading books. Books will show different postures (Asanas). Many are not to be done everyday by everybody. A student can do wrong and unnecessary Asanas and harm his health. 

3. After 1st primary theoretical course of 8 steps, all students need to study one or two selected chapters of the Gita. The Karma Yoga is the best chapter for Non-Hindus, as second a course of Yoga.

4. The first two steps of Yoga teach Eternal Religion. Memorize and translate moral words like Truthfulness and Honesty, Non-violence, No thefts or No cheating, No stealing, No greed of money or political power, chaste sex life etc., in daily life. It will unite you with all pervading God and create heaven in your home in course of time. 
This introduction to Raj Yoga prepares a student for further study of the 8 steps. 

Om Tat Sat. God Is Truth. 
OM Shanti Shanti Shanti.

By Swami Dwiroopanand.(Dr. H. K. Gandhi in Past)




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