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BLESSINGS - Swami Sachchidanandji

Dr. Gandhi practiced medicine in Norada - Ahmedabad for many years. Since last ten years he is staying in USA with his children.

He attended religious talks, contacted many saints, read Western and Eastern philosophers and religious books. I have noted one important aspect of his nature. He will get interested into. He will prepare notes, graphs, charts and try to summarize the subject into few lines and one or two pages. Recently he has come out in the field of religious philosophy and literature with the extract of the deep study, original thoughts, which he tries to correlate with the science.

A mystic type of religious philosophy has been spread in India. There is more mythology and imaginations. There is neglect of practical problems in daily life. This has made us poor, ignored and illiterate. We are worshipping mortal hypocrite human individuals instead of God. 

Dr. Gandhi is not a writer of religious mythology, but has positive and practical approach to problems in day to day life. He is trying to link religion with science. His science does not lead to atheism, nor he ignores the element of faith (Shraddha) required in religion. Religion is also a science. He has beautifully tried to intermix such diverse subjects under one dome. May it be the Gita, Upnishads or any other subject. The clarity of this thinking, the truth mixed with reason, and the fearlessness in presentation are obvious to the reader. 

Sometimes he is bitter and harsh in his criticism, when he is pointing red signals towards some age old wrong beliers, false rituals, and rigid traditions of religions. It is but natural that interested religious heads and their blind followers may start boiling with anger at such remarks. 

It is good and necessary that an individual and society should be religious. But when this crosses certain limit, it leads to foolish and fanatic behavior, myth propagation and fruitless imaginations. Society and individuals get misguided, live in false hopes, blind faiths, many fears and become human worshipper. 

In name of religion, the wealth of people gets locked into temples and few hands, and people forget the basic issues leading to poverty, slavery and grief. People become lusterless, frustrated, idle and inactive. They are taught to bear whatever comes as fate and fortune designed from God. This leads to stagnation inaction and inertia. This is a painful situation artificially created by unwise priests in name of religion and God. 

More more individuals like Dr. Gandhi should come forward to catch the bull by horns. I am pleased to note that Dr. Gandhi has taken a bold, determined , useful, praiseworthy and worth welcoming step in this direction, in the interest of people and furure generation. 

I pray God that our society may receive more and more useful and inspiring books, booklets and literature from him. Hari Om Tat Sat. 


Bhaki Niketan Ashrama, Dantali. P. O. Box - 19,
PETLAD. Dist Kaira, Gujarat, INDIA.

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