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CONGRATULATIONS - Mukundbhai C. Trivedi

Dr. Gandhi's book, on Mahatma Gandhi and true message of Gita and Hinduism in essence, is an attempt to place before the readers and ideal or universal religion, one nation and one world. It proclaims the accepted goal of world peace, and peace of mind as well as spirit of all human beings. He has a dream and a plan which prescribes the manner and method by which an ideal religious and political system can be evolved, whcih will best serve the needs of mankind in the 21st century. 

International Gandhi-Gita Dharma Sangh (IGDS), proposed by Dr. Gandhi can become a world organization which will function in all walks of life, e.g., religion, politics, social and economics. The organization shall strive to bring about world peace and happiness. In this plan, the emphasis is on Gandhian philosophy - religious, political, economic and social. Dr. Gandhi has discussed with considerable success and demonstrated as to how and why it is only Gandhian philosophy which can serve as 'light to guide and rod to check' human activities in all fields of life. 

I agree with Dr. Gandhi and firmly believe that Mahatma Gandhi was in stature the tallest, not only in his contemporaries but of all the politicians of all the times. He was in stature the tallest amongst the economists and social reformers too. He was the only leader in all the fields of life who laid utmost emphasis on the practice and principles of "truth and non-violence" (Satya and Ahimsa). He not only scrupulously preached and practiced there principles but insisted on the need of purity of means and purity of aims and goals. 

After his assassination in 1947, the nation became poor because there remained no leader of his stature, character, sacrifice, strength and courage, dominated by the practice of truth and non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi was the greatest leader, because he had translated in his life the following Upanishad verse.

"OM, Sarvesham Swastir Bhavatu,
Sarvesham Shantir Bhavati;
Sharvesham Purnam Bhavatu
Sharvesham Mangalm Bhavatu."

"Let good things reach everyone; Let peace remain with every one; Let everyone become perfect in all respects; let everyone prosper and progress."

This attitude was elaborately demonstrated by Mahatma Gandhi during his entire life, which makes him a divine incarnation. Dr. Gandhi in his book has successfully tried to prove that mahatma Gandhi was an Avatara or incarnation of God. 

Dr. Gandhi is not trying to prove the superiority of Hinduism over other religions of the world. What he propounds is that the basic principles of all the world religions and those of Hinduism are similar and identical. Therefore Sanatan-Dharma (true name of Hinduism) can become the world religion during the 21st century.

IGDS is a version of Sanatan Dharma.

I congratulate Dr. Gandhi for his bold approach of putting forward his original ideas of one religion, one God, one state and one world, with the goal of world peace. 

I admire him particularly for projecting Mahatma Gandhi as an apostle of scrupulous practice of truth and non-violence, which only can achieve the goal of world peace and happiness. 

I wish a long life and good health to Dr. Gandhi so that he is able to translate his dream of IGDs into a reality.


Mukindbhai C. Trivedi
Retired Judge - High Court of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.
February -18-1992

Blessings - Swami Sachchidananji











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