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Views of Mahatma Gandhiji about religion.

" I hold that it is the duty of every cultured man or woman to read Sympathetically the scriptures of the world. If we are to respect others' religions as we would have them to respect our own, a friendly study of world's religions is a sacred duty of all. My respectful study of other religions has not abated my reverence for or my own faith in the Hindu scriptures. They have indeed left their deep mark upon my understanding of the Hindu Scriptures. They have broadened my view of life. They have enabled me to understand more clearly many obscure passages in Hindu scriptures. I respect all religions". Young India, (2-9-1926):

By religion I do not mean a formal religion or customary religion, but that religion which underlies all religions, which bring us face to face with our maker or GOD.

Every activity of a man of religion must be derived from his religion because religion means bound to GOD, that is to say God rules your every breath. 

Religion should pervade our every action. It does not mean sectarianism (Sampradaya). It believes in ordered moral government of universe (Kingdom of God or Rama Rajya). It is not less real because it is unseen. This religion transdents Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, etc., etc.. It does not supersedes them. It harmonizes them and gives them reality.

No man can live without religion. There are some who in Egotism of their reason, declare that they have nothing to do with religion or God. But it is like a man saying that he breaths but has no nose. Whether by reason, or by instinct, or by superstition a man acknowledges some sort of relationship with the Divine. 

The rankest agnostic or atheist does acknowledge the need of a moral principle and associates some thing good with its observance and some thing bad with its non-observance. 

Religion which takes no account of practical affairs of daily life and does not help to solve them is no religion. 
Religion is the permanent element in human nature which counts no cost too great in order to find its full expression, and which leaves the soul utterly restless until it has found itself, known THE MAKER, and appreciated the true correspondence between THE MAKER AND ITSELF.

Views of Gandhiji from a book 
"My Religion by M. K. Gandhi".

* Quotes by courtesy of Navjivan Press - Ahmedabad.

Most People in the world today know Mahatma Gandhi as a political freedom fighter. But his religious and spiritual side is less known. I believe that all Indians can take pride for such a noble divine soul of India, particularly the Gujaraties - for Gandhiji was a son of Gujarat.

Mahatma Gandhi was an incarnation (Avatara) of God, equivalent to Jesus Christ and Lord Buddha. Lord Mountbatten had said this to Richard Attenborough, the producer of wonderful movie 'Gandhi' which won 8 academy awards. 

Residing anywhere on globe of earth, "Gita and Gandhi" lovers must unite under a new religious banner of International Gandhi Gita Dharma Sangh (IGDS) to propagate (a) the path of God search by self search shown in the Gita, (b) Mahatma Gandhi's religious, political, social and economic views and (c) Hindu Unity abroad and in India. This will bring true world peace in the 21st century. 

The correct name of the ancient Eternal religion of India is Sanatan Dharma.

Swami Dwiroopanand.
(Dr. H. K. Gandhi in past life)

(From a book "Mahatma Gandhi- Ambassador of God for Entire mankind during 21st Century.

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