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Gandhiji declares following seven great sins. Mahatma Gandhiji has given us the nectar of his practical religio-political wisdom by indicating following SEVEN SINS. IN THE STYLE OF A RELIGIOUS PROPHET they also indicate who are THE SEVEN GREAT SINNERS.

1. Wealth without work. This applies to everyone; e.g. rich sons of kings, politicians, businessmen and all rich priests. It also applies to workers, employees, manual laborers and everyone, who want money without doing their work. Today's communistic policy in INDIA is the classic example of salary demands without work. It applies to heads of secular Gurus who enjoy luxuries without doing any work. 

2. Pleasures of sex-joy, (foods, drinks smoking, drugs, etc.,) without awareness of future problems and neglect of duties. This applies to all people; the family men and women and kids. (Look at President Bill Clinton's recent incidence). 

3. Knowledge without Character. This applies to all religious Gurus, politicians, teachers, and all educated people.

4. Business without Morality (honesty). This applies to all people in business who cheat their customers.

5. Science without Humanity. Applies to all men of science; military heads and kings, who use weapons of mass destruction for achieving short term political power, positions and conquering nearby land areas. (Sadat Hussain is its Example).

6. Worship without sacrifices. Applies to Hippocratic religious priests, and decorative devotees (Chelas & Gurus), who give talks about God and religion. Religion is to be preached by self practice (Acharana) and not by giving lectures. Its practice demands great sacrifices, universal love, controls over many sensual desires and passions.

7. Politics without Principles. Applies to politicians every where who wish to sit in the highest chair by foul means. They compromise ethical values and all moral codes to get votes at any cost. Indira Gandhi had done this.

Memorize above Seven points. Keep them in your pocket at all times. No religious priest or a politician will ever be able to cheat you in the name of God, religion, and national integrity. 

When political leaders and the priests become selfish, short-sighted, money and family minded people, they forget their noble duties (Dharma) towards the country and the poor masses. 

An era (YUG) of devils rule (Assuri Rajya) gets established in that land. This is the present state of affairs in India, Russia, and many countries. 

Nehru became prime minister of India in 1947 and ruled for next 15 years. Then came, his politically ambitious daughter Indira Gandhi. She tried to keep the chair of Prime-Ministership by all foul means. To achieve this goal, she violated many sound economic principles. Nationalization of Banks and Life insurance companies are just two examples. It lead to communistic pattern of economics. Then she brought her son Rajiv Gandhi in politics. Rajiv Gandhi was a pilot and not interested in politics at all. Thus in a democratic India, three generations of Nehru dynasty ruled for nearly 40 years! Are we not human worshippers? 

Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi are not related to Mahatma Gandhi in any way. Gandhi is a common family name in some business communities of Gujarat including Muslims. 

Wrong economic policies adopted by Nehru Dynasty is responsible for today's 600 % devaluation of Indian Rupee during last 20 years. Compare it with the correct international consciousness and sound economic principles adopted by the tiny little Japan. This has uplifted the value of Japan's Yen by nearly 250 % compared to America's dollar during last 10 years only. 

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