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Scientific Proof of One God.

"OM TAT SAT". This is a short sentence (Mantra) of three words. OM represents The holy symbol of knowledge in all religions of India, including Buddhism. TAT means 'that'. It indicates God or Holy Spirit. SAT means Truth. The Holy Spirit within you is the absolute Truth. This famous Mantra is quoted at the end of every chapter in the Bhagavat Gita- the universal scripture of the Hindus. It means "God is Truth". This is the shortest description of God. Men of reason and science want proof of God- direct or indirect.

If one understands and searches "What is TRUTH", one can See and Find God. It is impossible to show or prove the Omni-presence of "God" to closed minded people and men of no logic and having no scientific attitude.


Is God a fiction or fact, myth or truth, imaginary beliefs or blind faith of the illiterate, uneducated and ignorant masses? Is there something like a perfect maker of this wonderful and beautiful universe?.

When such questions arise in the mind of any reasoning individual, a true scientist, a rich man of many successes and achievements (Siddhas), a true seeker of God is in him. Only such a person does the true search of God in real sense. Millions of people possess vague or fanatic beliefs. Majority of money and family attached people do not care or think seriously about God or religions.

The perfect Theory of Karmas preached in the Gita provides a scientific proof of the Laws of Mother Nature (or God), which govern all individuals in an equal manner. Happiness and sorrows come to every person on globe earth, according to the actions or deeds (Karma) done in the past births (if one believes ) or in this birth until TODAY & NOW. 

It is time that all people of intellect, reason and spiritual quest study all world religions as Gandhiji has advised. Hindu Upanishads and Darshans like Sankhya, Vedanta and Patanjali's Raj Yoga and THE BHAGAVAT GITA- provide a time tested path of SEEING the formless but perfect LIGHT OF GOD.

After my study of world religions and the Gita, I believe that anybody can SEE GOD Face to Face, by devoted study of Yoga and the Gita. Search God with curiosity of a scientist and you shall SEE HIM. This search starts with the study of ONE'S SELF (ATMA) and also Ends in the divine hidden Self within (BRAHMAN). 

Nearly all scriptures and The Gita declare that divinity dwells within one's own HEART. God cannot be seen with eyes or other senses. But the presence of God is felt by the waking OR CONSCIOUS MIND, when all ego centric material desires and false beliefs REGARDING RELIGIONS AND NATIONALITY come to an end. When true love, compassion and an attitude of equality for all human beings develops in mind, the omnipresence of God is felt and experienced at all places and at all times.

A seeker like Arjuna can 'see' the universal form of God by path of Bhakti or true Devotion. A scientist like Mr. Capra hears 'HIS' sound from the Outer Space. A young seeker like Amenda feels the presence of Brahman in Atman. And an atheist like me, SEES the Holy Cross without any background of Christianity. What is all this? Remember this important point. The Gita declares that this experience occurs only to one individual in a million. Lord says -

"Only One in a thousand tries to achieve some material success in life; and only one out of such thousand successful souls really searches ME, SEES ME AND KNOWS ME (= GOD) perfectly". - (The Gita. Ch. VII -3). 

True scientists, artists and lovers of Truth and Nonviolence are very near to God, compared to rich people giving big donations or narrow minded priests of secular religions. Love and equality of all human beings is preached by all great prophets like Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Gandhiji. Hindus call such souls as Incarnations of God (Avatara). Jains call them as Tirthankars. Western religions refer to them Prophets, Messiahs, Saints etc,. They all have preached universal love. But how many people understand even the meaning of the word LOVE? Love means no hate, no jealousy, no vengeance, sharing and caring, compassion and material sacrifices. 

Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of Nobel prize for peace in 1912 writes in a prayer:-

"Go ahead, go ahead- all alone, all alone 
Even if no body listens your voice,...go ahead
You go ahead. If nobody joins with you, 
Keep on going keep on going all alone, 
You go ahead. If your path is True and 
Love is your weapon, You shall reach your goal."
Go alone, Go alone, You Go ahead.

[From : Mahatma Gandhi - BOOK (1992) - By Swami Dwiroopanand.]


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