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(1). Prof. Fritj of Capra-at Berkeley University, California.

During the year 1981, I read a book, THE TAO OF PHYSICS by Fritj of Capra, Prof. of high energy physics at Berkeley University, California. He saw SHIVA in open sky during daytime. In preface of this book Prof. Capra describes this experience of SEEING Cosmic Light And The Figure Of Lord Shiva (Nataraj)- a deity God worshipped by the Hindus.

This inspired Prof. Capra to write above book, which discusses Eastern religions, Science and Philosophies, with help of mainly the famous equation of Albert Einstein E=MC2. Prof. Capra beautifully correlates with science of Matter or Mass, Energy, Space and Time along with verses of The Gita and Upanishads and other philosophies like Chinese, Tao, etc. Prof. Capra writes:-

"I 'saw' cascades of energy coming from the outer space, in which particles were created and destroyed in rhythmic pulses; I 'saw' the atoms of these elements and those of my body, participating in this cosmic dance of energy; I felt its rhythm and I 'heard' its sound, and at that moment I KNEW that this was the Dance of Shiva, The Lord of dancers, worshipped by the Hindus".

(2). Amenda Mehrtens:- A student of North Florida University.

I record another experience of a young student of North Florida University. In April (1995), I was invited to give a talk on Hinduism to the students of comparative religions class in NFU (FL). They were mostly Christian students. When I described my following experience of SEEING The Holy Cross in 1979, and then after my life's turn towards the study of world religions, all students were spell bound.

At end of talk after the question answer session, we were dispersing. A young girl approached and placed the following note in my hand. She had never studied any religious scripture in depth. But her experience of "Seeing Divine Light" is worth reading. She wrote:-

"Thank you for your wonderful seminar. Almost 2 years ago, I had similar experience, though there was no one religion which struck me, rather what (after studying) is most similar to BRAHMAN reaching ATMAN. As you say seeming crazy; for this reason I have stopped trying to tell people.

But this seed was planted and I too came to the same conclusion that all religions should be respected and merged in a way that the world community can love one another.

Any how if you have any type of mailings please include me.

"Amenda Mehrtens."

(3). My Own Experience in 1979-80.

"It was a cold winter night. I was fast asleep on the second floor of my clinic at Naroda- a suburb of Ahmedabad- Gujarat, India. I woke up perspiring like a moist sponge. My clothes were soaked with sweat. Body hairs were raised in elation, amazement and surprise. I wiped my face and eyes. I saw a shining ball of dazzling light outside the East window. The brightness of light was greater than thousand Suns in the sky.

From the East window a ball of dazzling light entered my room. It pervaded in all objects like table, chairs, books etc., and then it entered my body. For a few seconds I felt and experienced as if I was weightless and floating in a soft cloud of light.

My total existence and everything in the room was in tune and oneness with this cosmic light. I realized as if everything was made up of that light. There was no Sun in the sky at midnight. I knew this was something else. I saw at my wrist watch.

The time was EXACTLY 12.00 midnight or Zero hour between Year 1979 and 1980. The date was DEC 31-1979.

I perfectly remember and saw that a Shining Cross with this bright light in the background. At a later date I understood that it was 'Cosmic light' of God, and Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ".

I did not understand any significance of that event at that time. Even today, after 20 years in 1999, I do not know its meaning. Whatever I saw that night was not a dream or imagination. I am very positive about this. It was a real experience in fullest conscious state of my mind.

Only 3 months prior, after hearing Swami Chinmayaji's Lecture, in Oct-'79, I had started the study of Karma Yoga Chapter III of The Bhagavat Gita- Divine Song of Lord of Universe. Gita is the most popular scripture of all Hindus. I had no background of Christianity nor had any strong attachments to Hinduism, any world religion or even God. I never believed in myth, idol worship, Guru worship, and various fire rituals carried out in Hinduism. My knowledge of Hinduism was very superficial and hear-say.

I did not meditate or practiced Yoga or attended any Yoga classes or took any Yoga Meditation lessons. But in those days I was writing my scattered thoughts on religious subjects. I recorded this experience in my note book on next day morning.

It is still a question for me and I have no answers. Why I was chosen in India by Almighty God to SEE (Darshan) this Divine Light of HOLY CROSS, exactly at a particular time of year change of Christian Calendar? This is called Shakshatkara or DIVINE EXPERIENCE in Hindu scriptures.

Today in retrospect, I understand its some meaning. God had chosen me to be HIS instrument in linking Eastern and Western religious thoughts. This I say "today" in January 1999, after my study of world religions in an unattached manner for last 20 years.

                                    *                      *                      *                      *

Is God a fact or fiction, a myth or truth, or beliefs and blind faith of illiterate, uneducated and ignorant masses? Is there something like some maker of this Perfect and Wonderful Universe?

When such questions arise in mind of any reasoning individual of great material achievements (Siddhis), a true seeker of God is born. Then such a person starts real search of God in true sense. Most people do not care for God or religion. They simply perform rituals, do prayers and try to preserve traditions preached in their holy books. Others are only interested in worshipping many idols of Deity Gods and Goddess.

Most scriptures of major world religions proclaim that ‘God is One’.

But none has any method by which one can SEE God and get 100% conviction (Shradhdha) or faith about God. Why there are so many Gods and Goddesses in Hinduism? Is God of Muslims, Jews, Christians and Hindus different or one?

Devoted Christians believe that the resurrected HOLY SPIRIT OF JESUS CHRIST is pervading everywhere. Later I read Swami Vivekanand had experienced this Spirit of Jesus Christ during his meditation practices under guidance of his Guru, Swami Ram Krishna Parmhans.

During the last twelve years, with HIS grace I wrote and published some books on the Gita, Vedanta and Indian philosophy. An atheist doctor practicing in a remote village of India could not have written these books. I get divine inspiring thoughts when I start writing on such subjects. I have witnessed mercy and care of God in all events that occurred in my life before and after 1979.

I am more than convinced that GOD is one, Omnipresent and Almighty. He was, is and will ever be with me during all events that will happen in my future life also.

After above experience I lost interest in my well established medical practice of 30 years and withdrew from practice and all social commitments. By the end of 1981-82, I closed my Naroda clinic and immigrated to USA. I was a crazy reader from the childhood. Now I started reading subjects like world history, history of religions, history of sciences, life stories of great scientists and philosophers etc. I never read these subjects before. A man of reason and science always wants proof of God, direct or indirect.

The theory of Karma preached in Gita provides this proof by indicating “How The Perfect Laws of Mother Nature” govern all individuals in an equal manner. Happiness and sorrows come to every person according to right and/or wrong Karma done or even not done (Akrama) by him/her at proper times. (Theory of Karma, Akarma, and Vikarma-in Gita Ch-IV).

It is time that all open minded people of reason and spiritual quest study all world religions as Gandhiji has recommended. The Upanishads, Patanjali Yoga and Gita provide a time tested path of SEEING, KNOWING AND UNITING WITH FORMLESS (Nirakar but not Nirgun) GOD, by studying one’s own Self (Atma) Adhiatma-Vidya. Anyone can SEE God face to face by devoted study of Gita and search of God with inquisitiveness of a scientist. YOU CAN SEE HIM TOO. This search starts with study of SELF (ATMA) and also ends in SELF.

Gita says that Divinity dwells within HEART. God cannot be seen with normal eyes or by other four senses. But Omnipresence of God can be felt by the waking or conscious MIND, when all Egocentric Desires (Vasanas) and false beliefs regarding God and religions come to an end. Then true love, compassion and an attitude of equality for all human beings develops. This is first level of Spiritual Evolution.

Hindus strongly believe in a cycle of re-births and deaths of soul (Bhram). You are born at a particular time and place according to desires and actions (Vasanas and Sanchit Karma) done in previous lives. It is difficult to explain such mystic or illogical religious beliefs to a man of intellect and reason.

Sometimes I ask myself. Was I an American or a Christian in previous life who was inspired by Swami Vivekanand, who visited USA in 1892 and gave many spiritual talks in America and Europe? Is it possible that a desire to get birth in India would have remained in my mind at the time of my death when I died as an American? Is this possible?

If this does not sound logical, then beliefs of previous and next births are mostly or partly misguiding. One need not waste time to prove or disprove and propagate such beliefs. But it is easy to understand that Karma done in this present life operate mostly in this real life perfectly well. This can be proved and understood to a fair extent by Meditating on One’s Self.

The Holy Spirit or pure Soul in me and all living creations is one and same. The same spirit was present in all great souls of past who inspired people in different lands. In this sense I can say that I have lived many previous lives. I was Veda Vyasa, the writer of Mahabharata and Gita about 2500 years ago. I was Shankaracharrya in 7th century and Arya Bhatta in 4th century AD. I lived as many scientists who gave knowledge in different countries of the world. In same way I can say that I was Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Ram and Krishna many centuries ago! By reading thoughts of all these great personalities we get tuned to their minds, feelings, and devotion to God. In a verse of Gita, Lord says:-

Bahuni me vyatitani janmani tava ch Arjuna ;

Tan Aham vettha sarvani natvam vettha Paramtpaha.

Gita Ch IV-5.

“I have lived many lives in past and I know them all. But, Oh man of great penances (Paramtapa), you do not remember any life, although you have also lived many lives in the past’’.

Only a curious seeker like Arjuna can see Universal God. A scientist like Mr. Capra can SEE and hear ‘HIS’ sound, and get such divine inspirations. This is totally a subjective Self Experience, occurring at individual level only. A scientist, an artist, a lover of truth and non-violence is very near to God compared to rich people giving big donations, or family minded politicians or narrow minded priests of secular religions. Lord says in Gita, “Only one successful soul or one living person in a million knows Me perfectly”. (Gita. Ch-VII-V-3).A verse of Shiva prayer describes the Invisible Shiva, the God of Cosmic Energy and Time, as follows:-

“Asit giri samam syat, kajjalam sindhu patre,

Sur taruvara shakha, lakhini patra bhurvihi,

Likhati yadi grahitva sharada sarva kalam,

Tadpi tava gunanam param isham ne yati”.

Shiva Mahimna Strotrum - (32)

“The description of Lord will ever remain incomplete- even if Goddess SHARDA (Goddess of music, speech and knowledge) turns all oceans into ink, all lands into a big paper, all trees into a pen and describes the forms, qualities, kindness and mercy of God till the end of time” (Dooms Day).

God is beyond words and beyond OM or knowledge. Speech or any spoken language (Vani) roots from OM. Religion is within the range of OM and words. Morality (Dharma or Religion) could be explained by words. Religion is like a map which indicates correct paths to reach desired goals in life. Religion shows ways of achieving desired life-goals. Achievement of goals brings joy and material happiness.

If there is One God, then there should be only one religion. Open minded and able people in all religions must come forward to find simple common factors to Establish a New World Religion. This will provide correct guidelines to all people, priests and political leaders also.

Lord in the Gita (Ch, IV-7 & 8) declares that HE sends divine messengers in every era (Yuga), Whenever Ethical values decline. God himself assumes human forms or sends HIS messengers to help the poor, uplift morals, and punish the sinners. Divine souls and prophets of all religions at different places were human forms, incarnations (Avatara) or Vibhooties of God according to this verse. Their life stories and message is same. Mohammed fought against idol worship of many Gods by different Arabs tribes. Christ fought against the priests and the rulers. He was crucified by his own people.

First step in God search needs winning the fear of death and die like a martyr. Only after passage of some centuries people understand their message of love and equality of all humans, preached by such prophets. Then people worship such martyrs as God. Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed and Gandhi belong to this Divine class of super-human souls.

Lord Mountbatten in an interview said these words to Attenborough, the producer of famous movie 'Gandhi'. “Mr. Attenborough you are making a movie of a man of the caliber of Jesus Christ and Buddha. Please see that you do not do any injustice to this great soul (Mahatma).”

With modern tools of communication like press, transport, internet, T.Vs, etc., we can propagate thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi on subjects like education, ideal political system, sociology, economics, sex, marriage, diet, health, religion and God. These thoughts are worth studying by people in all countries. He has left behind great literature. It will help everyone to become instrumental in bringing true world peace in the 21st century. People know Mahatma Gandhi as a fighter of political freedom.

But he fought with a gun of non-violence and bullets of love. He believed in democracy, but he also said, “Only I am a true communist in this world”. He was a lawyer but an advocate of poor and the untouchables. He preached village autonomy as an ideal system for any government.

He strongly believed that borders of states or countries, small or large must be decided upon basis of Spoken languages of residing people and not on religious or any other manner. His thoughts on ‘Swadeshi’ are based on sound economic principles.

Swadeshi means “People must use the products made in their own country". He was a selfless political saint (Rajarshi), who has showed us a path of Truth, Non-cooperation, Non-violence and Struggle for equal human rights for men and women of all classes and faiths. Any religious person cannot harbor in mind, any hatred towards any other Human being, even his enemies. Mahatma Gandhi was a true Karma-Yogi.

My sincere Namaskar and Salutations to all True Gurus, Saints and Prophets of all Religions and people.

Hari Om Tat Sat. That (God) is Truth.

Om Shantihi,             Om Shantihi              Om Shantihi

Let peace prevail Let peace prevail  Let peace prevail.












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