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Part-2.  Scientific Proof Of One God 

GOD IS TRUTH. Gandhiji said, “God is Truth and Truth is God”. 

ONE GOD OF UNIVERSE is called Bhagvan in the Gita. GOD is Speaking in first person singular as “I” (Aham) in the Gita, the most popular and worth studying spiritual scripture of India’s great religious heritage. We start with a Prayer.

A Prayer of a western philosopher. He asks from God,

“Oh God, you give me the Serenity to understand the things that I can change;

Oh God, you give me the Intellect to understand the things that I can’t change,

But above all give me the Wisdom to understand the difference between the two."

In this world we see so many man made things like clothes, books, utensils, houses, furniture, temples and churches, roads and dams, cars, T.Vs and computers etc. These are non-living material things, made by man, which are valued with man made money.

But there are infinite numbers of non-living things that are not man made. These are the land, water, air, light, heat or fire, sun, moon, space and millions of stars and galaxies in the universe. There are many living creatures which are also not man made; we can call all these as God made things.

Similarly we make political and social rules which can be changed. But the perfect Laws of Mother Nature are eternal and no man can change them.

“Man can change man made laws and things, but cannot change God made things and God made laws”.

To gain this wisdom one has to understand the Mind and Intellect (Buddhi). Science roots from Intellect.

A scientist tries to discover the laws physics, Chemistry and Biology in Mother Nature, which govern all non-living and living objects. But he cannot know all Eternal laws of Formless and invisible God which govern all material objects (Jad) and all living creatures (Chetan) in a perfect and uniform manner. True Wisdom (Pragna) comes after this understanding. Then the seeker of God realizes perfect rules of God and His Omni-presence at all places, at all times and in all things and events occurring.

A man of highest military power (a king, or Head of any country) cannot change the laws of God. But any average man can change any Government or King made laws or any man made things. In same way our maps of states and countries, constitutions, social customs and wrong religious beliefs can and must be changed with passage of some centuries in view of new Scientific inventions done by man.

Thus in an indirect way by use of Intellect (Buddhi, ability of reason and judgment) given by God to human beings only, any one can KNOW and SEE GOD when genuine curiosity arises in a seeker.

Intellect or Buddhi is a unique gift of God to human beings only, not present in other living animals on Earth. The Gita is a scripture of Intellectual path of Understanding Universal Eternal Religion (Sanatan Dharm- Correct name of Hinduism) and Divine Cosmic Vision of God. By study of Gita anyone can “Know, See (understand) and Unite with God”. This is the Purpose, Goal or Aim of Human Life.

To realize and SEE God is fairly possible for any curious human being on Globe Earth, by study of Self (Atma). Great Prophets of the past in West- like Jesus, Muhammad, Abraham and other great saints must have made direct contact with God. Rama, Krishna, Mahavir and Buddha, and many other Visionary Rishies and real Saints do make contact with God in the East. This is totally an individual (Self) experience which cannot be shown to masses.

Give any name to ONE GOD OF UNIVERSE. Give any name to this perfect maker of UNIVERSE in any Language or in any religious scripture, or use non-commitent words like ‘This (adaha) or That (tat, sah). People in India use many names for One God, like Bhagvan, Narayan, Parmatma, Ishver, etc. Islam calls as Allah.

Why and When God assumes Human Forms?

God sometimes assumes Human Forms or Sends His messengers. These are called Avtara in Hinduism. Western scriptures call such divine past human souls as prophets, messiah, etc,. When and Why God takes Human Form is described in Gita CH-IV-Vrs-7 & 8.

Bhagavan says:-

Yada Yada Hi Dharmasya, Glanir Bhavati Bharat,

Abhyuthamadharmasys,Tadaatmanam Srujamyaham

Paritranaya Sadhunam,Vinashaya Cha Dushkrutm

Dharma Sansthapanarthaya, Sambhavaami Yuge Yuge

“When Religion (moral values) degrade and anti-religious activities become rampant, I create divine souls (Atmas) to help the noble and destroy the evil doers. To re-establish forgotten Religion (moral values), I take human births at intervals of centuries for Revision (RENAISSANCE) of religion (Dharm-Sansthapan), needed after passage of some centuries”.

God assumes Human Forms for Revision (RENAISSANCE) of religions or Dharm-Sansthapan in every Era (century or millennium). There is always need for Revision of old religious preaching with passage of centuries (Dharm-Sansthapan), beliefs and socio-political guidelines indicated by great past prophets in any holy book of all religions.

I believe that Mahatma Gandhiji was such a divine soul, Vibhooti or Avtar of God. He has shown the world, a unique path of ‘Nonviolent Fight’. Truth and Nonviolence are preached as most important doctrines at all places and in all world religions.

Today’s world needs a simple Global Humanitarian Religion. By learning good points of all religions with facts of past history and progress of sciences, we can do it. It is time for all open-minded able intellectuals of all religions to study, learn, know and revise their religious beliefs with facts of science.

Purpose of Human life is to live and achieve Noble Goals.

(1). To Live a healthy, happy and purposeful divine life of 100 Years.

(2). To be Born in Human form is Greatest Gift of God.

(3). To SEE GOD by a path of Self Realization and Yoga Meditation. This is possible only when Soul is in Human form.

(4). To achieve Moksha, Nirvana, Kaivalya- meaning total Liberty or Freedom from bondages of from family attachments, material things like money, high political positions, wrong religious beliefs, unjust rule of Egoistic money minded political rulers and misguiding religious priests (False Gurus), and temples also.

Karmani ave Adhikaraste-Gita Ch-II.  Freedom of doing Karma is God given Birthright for every human being, male or female.

Most people remain attached to family, money, material things of comforts made by man, wrong political beliefs, and old religious preaching of their Holy Books. It is time for all able Intellectuals in world to study all religions with scientific angle and revise out dated old beliefs of Sociology, change Political systems and Laws of sociology and economic codes indicated in constitutions, and religions books. There is always need for revision in religious and political systems at intervals of Times, at all places.

After my twelve years of study of the Gita, I believe that Mahatma Gandhi was an incarnation of God (Vibhooti). Lovers of Gandhi should come forward, unite and start a new religious world community (Religious Union or a Sangh).

International Gandhi Gita-Dharma Sangh (IGDS) is based on this theme. Men and women of any religion can join this movement without renouncing their religious labels or beliefs or practices of worship.

Rabindranath Tagore, the winner of the peace Nobel Prize (1912) writes:-

“Go ahead, Go ahead , even if Nobody listens thy voice, God ahead, Oh man.

If nobody joins, keep on Going all alone, all alone, but go ahead  Oh man,

If your path is true and love is your weapon, you shall reach your goal, Go ahead,

Oh man, Go ahead, Go ahead, Go ahead, all alone,   Oh man go ahead”.

Sir Sarvapalli Radha-Krishnan, ex-president and a renowned scholar of Hindu scriptures wrote, “If the thoughts of Gandhi are broadcasted in all the world languages daily even for fifteen minutes, it will bring true world peace”.

My sincere Namaskaras and salutations to all true Gurus, Saints and Prophets.

Hari Om Tat Sat. That (God) is Truth.

Om Shantihi,             Om Shantihi              Om Shantihi

Let peace prevail Let peace prevail  Let peace prevail.












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