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International Gandhi- Gita Dharma Sangh. (IGDS).

What is IGDS ? 

IGDS is a study circle for systematic study of all religions in a scientific manner. International Gandhi Gita Dharma Sangh (IGDS) is a new idea and movement. All unbiased, educated Gita and Gandhi lovers of Indian origin are requested to join this movement in order to learn and practice true culture of India, Sanatan Dharma. Indians of all faiths like Islam, Christianity, Zoroastrians, Shiks, etc., can also join IGDS. 

Hinduism is based on family values, love, respect for parents, peace, non-violence and good health of body and mind. All children during the 21st century will live in a better religio-political harmony if they learn and understand One God and True Religion in a scientific manner.

The gifts of science like T.Vs, Tele-communications, Internet, International trade and Transport facilities have converted the world into a global village. 

The younger generations growing in any place or land have common questions. Where is God? What is religion? Why do we need religions when wars and human killings are going on in name of religious beliefs since millenniums in most parts of the world? Does God ever assumes human forms? These questions are answered in a logical manner in the Bhagavat Gita. The study of Raj Yoga will provide a path for scientific minds about need of religion and proof of One God.

The progress of science in the 20th century, and particularly during last 30 years is so amazing that religious and political leaders in all countries are stunned, have been stupefied and become lost path about need of Eternal Morals of Religion.

If religion is explained with facts of science it will bring peace, prosperity and happiness for all people in all places in the world. The social, economic, religious and moral doctrines of all secular religions need periodic revisions, though the eternal morals preached by founder prophets are always true and similar in all religions. 

Aims and Goals of IGDS:

The main goal of IGDS is to bring peace and happiness to every human being on earth by better understanding of religions and One God.

To establish an ideal political system in all countries of the world, IGDS will propagate views of Mahatma Gandhi in political field.

IGDS will become an organization of service minded people who will preach and practice good points and noble traditions of all religions.

IGDS members will remain active in humanitarian medical aids to poor and education activities in the villages of all countries. 

IGDS Members will build Gandhi Asramas and Gandhi Halls in townships, cities, villages of all countries in stead of Temples of Deity Gods.


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