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International Gandhi- Gita Dharma Sangh. (IGDS).


How to Start a Local IGDS unit in your area. 

Step. No. I. 

Find five Gita curious families staying nearby and form one IGDS forum or community. Donation are not needed in beginning, but 5 families must agree to raise Funds for printing GGDS by Ads. These families will meet every week regularly for prayers and devote 3 hours, followed by Lunch or Dinner (Prasad). Cost will be shared equally by all. They shall publish GGDS and distribute Free to many people like the Christian Churches.

How to Conduct 3 Hr. Weekly Prayer sessions?

Silent meditation, Breathing exercises of Yoga, chanting of OM etc., . (10 to 15 minutes).

Study selected Gita verses, events from Gandhi's life and his inspiring socio-political thoughts. (45 minutes). 

Mass Prayers, stories for children, good points about other religions and 'Aarti', followed by Prasad. (30 mins).

Prayers and views of other religions from invited guests. Gandhi's political meetings were always preceded by prayers from all religions. (30 Mins).

Question answer sessions for the guests should be encouraged. (30 Mins).

When weekly prayer meetings become regular (say after 2 months), start inviting new families and friends. Five new families must be invited every week. One family will invite one new friend to appraise about this movement. Free food, literature and books should be given to invited guests. 

Founder families can arrange weekly prayer meetings followed by vegetarian lunches and dinners (no beverages) by rotation in members homes. Continue this activity for three to six months until 20 devoted families join regularly whole heartedly and funds are available to rent or build a hall.

Publish GGDS- a monthly magazine of Gandhian Philosophy and thoughts. Every IGDS unit must publish some literature about Gandhi's life-events, inspiring quotes and views in local language and distribute FREE to people, institutions, libraries, churches and schools. This must be an important activity of all IGDS units from very start. 

Step. No. II. 

Form a working committee and Register IGDS unit legally as a Non-Profit Body. 

Plan for a Gandhi Hall and/or a Gandhi Ashrama.

When more than 20 families join, a legal body may be formed and registered as a non profit religious organization. Name it GGDS of (name of local town area). Legal constitution may be adopted and appointments of trustees and office bearers done. The question of fund raising and projects of a 'Gandhi Hall or Ashrama' may be considered. A fund raising event for a hall or an Ashrama may be planned. Declare firm and clear noms and guidelines before getting donations from others. 

Gandhi Halls & Ashramas will provide :-

Free Gita Classes for local residents and Yoga Classes at most reasonable rates.

Education courses like dance & music classes, maths, drawing, painting, sewing and fine arts classes for teenagers for learning different skills of livelihood. This was the dream of Gandhiji of Basic Education, 'Buniadi Talim' or real education. 

Residential facility for seniors, IGDS priests, visiting guests of local families, IGDS guests coming for lectures, etc.,.

Vegetarian kitchens for residents and member families.

Library for Youth Education. Libraries of religious books, philosophical and Gandhian Books will be maintained in Gandhi Halls and Ashramas. 

Try to build a Gandhi Hall and/or Ashrama, where your parents can stay and teach our heritage to youth and help in solving family upsets with their wisdom and guidance. 


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