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International Gandhi- Gita Dharma Sangh. (IGDS).


Why I should join IGDS ?

People want material comforts brought by money, science, material things and peace in family and his country. Average family men and women are not interested in Spirituality, God or Religion. GGDS is a path of satisfying these needs. It is a path of material happiness first by religious and Socio-political understanding and harmony of all religions. All people need tolerance and morals at all places and at all times. 

Proposed activities of IGDS.

Local IGDS units will carry out following activities for local members. Members will observe vows of non-violence and avoid religious and political wars and conflicts. 

Initial activities of GGDS will be:- 

Moral, ethical and cultural education of young generation. 

Loans and scholarships for deserving bright students of local community.

Free or low cost legal and medical help to needy and poor.

Adoption of orphans and shelters for seniors.

Informative talks on state laws, tax laws and medical subjects for members, seniors and handicapped.

Residential hostels for students, guests and short times visitors, like YMCAs.

Healthy food kitchens at moderate rates for seniors, students and low income families.

Service projects for developing love and brotherhood in townships and neighborhood.

To carry out above activities IGDS will build Gandhi Halls and Ashrams in different cities and villages of all countries. The Halls and Ashrams will also become important centers of Education and spiritual activities for active seniors.

The Organization (Forum or Sangh).

This movement will be called "International Gandhi-Gita Dharma Sangh" (IGDS). IGDS is not a sectarian religion (Sampradaya), a political body or a religious community. Yet IGDS activities will embraces all these ideas with open mind under the banner of GGDS. Members will practice Eternal (Sanatana) Morals, Truth and Non-violence, and simple codes preached in all religions. Cultural and noble traditions of all countries should be respected.

Who can join or become members ?

All people believing in -

Gandhiji as a prophet, a messiah, an Avatara (Incarnation) of God like Jesus or Lord Buddha. 

Eleven commandments and the Seven Sins indicated by Gandhi. (See a separate Flyer).
Believers of One God of Universe.

A non believer but believer of Individual's Freedom, Morals, Divine Love, Truth and Non-Violence preached by all prophets.

Seekers of God by Yoga and Gita study.

New members may first watch the activities of a local IGDS unit and then join if they like.


Previous Page - What Is IGDS & It's Aims

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