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Saint Kabir (1290-1410 A.D ?.) - Life and Message: By Dr. H. K. Gandhi


Famous Doha - (2 line stanzas) of Kabir. 

How to Find a true Guru?

Kabir gives us a yard-stick for judging a true Saint or a Guru from a selfish and hypocrite Priest.

Kalika Brahmin Mashkara, tako na dijo dan; 
Kutumb so narak hi chala, aur sath chala jajaman.

"Do not give alms (donations) to Brahmins in Kali Yuga. They are cheating you in name of God. They are sure to go to hell along with their families, and their followers will also accompany them". 

Kabir declares without fear of any body.

Brahman Guru hai Jagatka, Sadhunka Guru Nahi;
Ulaj Pulaj kar mari raha charo bedo mahi.

"Brahmins may be Gurus of the entire world but a true Sadhu (Saint) does not need any Guru. Brahmins quote one thing from one Veda and another thing from other Veda. But they die in the end doing debates on the meanings of different scriptures only". 

Char Veda Pundit padha aur tark kare nadan;
Bhava Bhakti Jane nahi sabhi pariksha baad.

"Pundits (Scholars) learn four Vedas and debate in ignorance about God and religion but know nothing about God even after passing all their examinations. God could only be realized by true devotion and love for one God only". 

No wonder why Kabir was disliked by Brahmins then and even now. 

Gyanine kahi ye kaha, Kahat Kabir Lajay
Andhe Age' Nachate Kala Akarat Jaay 

When a man of knowledge says I know this and that, Kabir says I am ashamed of such words. Knowledge is like an endless ocean. No one can give any knowledge to such an ego-blinded person. Do not even try, otherwise your art and knowledge will be wasted if one dances before a blind man. 

We listen scholars and Pundits talking about God and religions. But only a true devotee of God can speak in such clear words. Compare Kabir's message in above dohas with the following verses of Bhagavat Gita (5th Cent BC)

Naham Vadeir na tapasa, na danen na ch yejyaya,
Shakya avm vidho drastum drastavan asi man yatha;
Bhaktyatu ananya shakyaha aham avm vidho- Arjunaha
Gnyatum drastumch tatvena pravestum ch Paramtapaha
(Ch.XI-Ver 53 & 54)

Lord says " Oh Arjuna, It is not possible to see my Universal form, which you just saw - by the study of Vedas, by penance's (tapas), by giving donations (to Brahmins) or by performing complicated Yagnas (fire sacrifices and rituals). 

Oh Paramtapa, Only by true devotion and surrendering everything to One God it is possible to visualize my Universal form. Only then it is possible to Know me, See me and Merge with me".

Jab lag nata jatka, tab tak Bhagat na hoy
Nata tode Hari bhaje, bhagat kahave toy. 

Kabir says; "As long as one believes in sex differences, colors, castes and creeds, one cannot become a devotee of God. I call him Bhakata only when he breaks the bondage of higher and lower classes and worships One God". 

Airen ki Chori kare aur kare sooiko dan,
oocha chad kar dekhte kai tak door biman. 

"People steal like lumps of anvils, but donate like small needles. Then they look towards sky for God's helicopter to arrive and give them a free ride for going into the heaven!"

Sukhia Dhudhat mai firu Sukhia mila na koi
Jiske age ek dukh kahu, so pehla ooth roi

I was searching a happy man, but could not find one; I wanted to tell him my one difficulty. Finally I found one, but before I could speak any word, he started crying and telling me his story.

Jisko mai ek Dukh kahun so kahe ek-bis
dazat mai dukh ekse, kahan raku mai bis

When I told him my one difficulty, he told me his twenty. When I was burning with my one, how could I carry the burden of his twenty problems? 

Tara mandal baithke, Chandra badai pai
Uday bhaya jab Suryaka, sab tara chhoop jai

The moon was boasting about his light in the association of some stars; but when the sun arose in the sky, all stars ran away from the moon.

Chalti Chakki dekhkar deeya Kabira roi
Do Patanke bichme Sabut bacha na koi

Kabir saw a grinding mill and started crying; he observed that not a single grain came out intact from the crushing effects of the two grinding stones. All grains were turned into fine flour. 

The symbolic meaning of the grinding mill is the crushing wheel of TIME. Its two halves are the Past and the Future. The Present is only a fraction of a second, the moment of existence only. We all are surely going to die one day, without any exception, and our flesh and bones are going to merge in the mud and water and air.

Positive Points of a True Saint, or Guru. 

Daya Garibi Bandgi, samata sheel swabhava
Ete lakshana santke kahe Kabir sad-bhav.

Kabir says. "Compassion, poverty (simple life style), devotion and prayers to One God, an attitude of equality towards all, chaste life and universal love are the qualities of a true saint".

Asha tyaje, maya tyaje, moha tyaje aru man.
Harsha Shok Ninda tyaje, kahe Kabir Sant jan.

Kabir says: "A person, who has renounced all desires, attachments, illusions, is above any praise or criticism; and has conquered elation and depressions, is a true saint". 

Haat haat hira nahi, kanchan ka na pahad
Sinahan ka tola nahi, sant biral sansar.

"It is difficult to find a true saint, because diamonds are not available in every shop, and gold is not available as lumps in mountains, and lions do not live in big herds and crowds". 

Char chinha hari bhaktke pragat dikhai det
Daya, dharma adhinta, par dukhko har let.

"Following four qualities are very obvious in a true Saint or a real devotee of God; compassion, righteousness, surrender to God in all events, and helping others in times of their difficulties".

Kabir mange mangana, Prabhu dijo mo doy
Sant milan aur hari katha mo ghar nishdin hoy.

A true saint does not ask anything from God, but Kabir says , I ask for only two things.
" Oh God give me company of Saints and there must be daily recitals of divine stories in my home". 

Pani badho navme, aur gharme badho dam;
Dono hath oolecheye, yahi shyano kam.

"When water accumulates in the boat, and lot of money accumulates in your home; the wise thing to do is to remove them by your both hands".

Jab tu ayo jagatme, log hase tu roy,
Karni aisi kar chalo, tu hase jag roy.

"When you were born, you were crying (in cradle) and people around you were laughing; You do such deeds in life that when you go from this world (when you die), you go laughing and many people around you are crying (mourning) at the time of your death".

Jai Shri Ram. Jai Shri Krishna. Saint Kabirki Jai ho.












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