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What is KARMA ?


Perfect Laws of Karma (of God).

A few selected verses from the Gita are presented to explain how the Perfect Laws of Karma made by God work. These verses are worth remembering and memorizing.

The laws of mother nature work perfectly on plants, animals and all human beings at all places - at all Times in equal manner. The understanding of God and His Omnipresence comes to an individual by knowledge of these Perfect Laws. They guide a person on path of right actions, brings material successes (Siddhies), and later on opens a door on the path of spirituality. This path finally leads to vision (Darshan) of God.

All actions must be guided by the sense of duty (Dharma) and not by emotions, selfish-desires or family attachments. Dharma and Karma are studied in the Karma -Yoga.

Dharm must guide all Karma. Karma are done to discharge one's duty towards self (Body), welfare of family, society, country and entire mankind. Kartavya Karma -obligatory duty bound actions must never be postponed or neglected. Make correct decisions with unbiased intellect and deep thinking. Then remain firm about the decisions made. 

Law No. 1. 

Most Gurus and scholars forget this Eternal Law of God.

"Jatasya hi dhruvo mrutum. 

"Every born has got to die" Gita -Ch.II - V-27. 

All physical bodies, perceived by the 5 senses are going to die in the flow of non-stop river of Time. Hence one need not worry about loss of a living person or some material things. 

The next one is a very famous verse of the Gita. No more scriptures or a Guru will be needed, if you understand only this one verse perfectly.

Law No: 2.

"Karmani ava adhikarasthe Ma faleshu kadachana,

Ma karma fala heturbhu, Ma te sangaha astu swa karmani."

Gita. Ch.II-47.

"You have (God given) right of doing actions, but never, ever (at any time) any right upon the out come (fruits) of actions done by you. Never expect fruits of actions. Do not get attached to your past actions."

Actions (Karma) can be done only at the present moment of time- which is Today and Now, for every living human being on the globe earth. Do all actions to the best of your ability. Then surrender the out come (future results or fruits) to God. No one has any control upon the out come of his/her actions at any time. One can only make firm decisions, and then do actions to achieve some noble goals with fullest attention. He/she has to go on doing actions until the goal is achieved. Some times the results come more than expected, some times there may not be any result. This is what this Eternal Law of God states. 

The verse declares firmly that "out come of actions" is never (Kadachan) in the hands of the doer. This sounds like a puzzle, but by deep self-meditation - this perfect law is confirmed immediately. Do an experiment upon yourself -after memorizing names of 5 organs of actions. Make a short term desire using your common sense and start actions by organs of Karma. You will immediately experience the Time-Place bondage of body. This will happen to every living person on the globe earth.

Law No. 3
Karmanu bandhini manushya loke". Gita Ch. XV-V-2.

"Karma bind all human beings to their destiny or future". 

Little Karmas done become Sanchit Karmas. Sanchit Karmas are accumulated actions of past. They have brought you to the present position in life. To this total - daily new Karma (done daily) get added. This total of Karma decide the future circumstances of every individual -self. This leads to a great understanding that God doesn't spin a wheel of fortune or plays a game of dice. His Laws of Karma are perfect. They work perfectly on all people in just and equal manner. This fact is stated more clearly in next Law. 

Law No. 4 .

Samoham Sarva Bhuteshu Na may dweshyosti na priyaha.
Ye Bhajantitu mam bhaktya mayite teshuchapi aham. 

Gita Ch. IX- V- 29.

"My laws are equal for all living beings, I neither love nor hate anyone. But they- who remember me with 100% faith - feel my presence with them at all places-. They always dwell in me." God takes care of his true devotees is promise of God in the Gita. 

One may believe in God or not, but the laws of Karma work equally and perfectly for all. Good Actions (Punya-Karmas) bring good results, and one has to suffer for sins done by him. God rewards for good actions and punishes for sinful deeds. His justice is perfect but we don't understand it, because we try to evaluate "Fruits of Karma" in terms of man made laws, and man made material objects like houses, cars, and money. 



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