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What is KARMA ?


Perfect Laws of Karma (of God).

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Law No. 5. 

"Buddhiryukto jahatiha oobhe sukruta dushkrute, 
Tasmad yogaya yujjaswa Yogaha Karmashu kaushalam. 

Gita Ch-II. V- 50.

"There is nothing like good or bad deeds and actions. Good and bad actions or good and bad people are relative concepts of mind. Use your common sense (intellect) according to situation, and then do actions to the best of your ability and skills, with perfect attention (Dhyan) in present job and sense of duty. This is Karma Yoga. Karma Yoga teaches, "Do your Today's present job the best, using your judgment (intellect) and fullest concentration (Dhyan)". God has given intellect (Buddhi = power of judgment between right and wrong) to human beings only.

Let us take an example. It is a sinful action to make the birds fly away while they are eating grains in a field by making loud noises. But the same action of making loud noises becomes a holy deed, if a bird killer has spread a net and scattered grains to catch birds for selfish motive of killing. In the later case the noises done to warn birds about the trap, becomes a holy action (Punya- Karma).

Always use common sense (intellect - Buddhi) in making decisions, and do not allow emotions to enter in mind. Learn to overcome likes and dislikes, (Raga and Dewsh) and do not neglect duty (Dharma, morality) bound actions. Do one thing at one time and do it best. For example, do not read news papers while tying shoe-laces. This art of perfect concentration in present job develops by study of the 7th step (Dhyan) of Raj-Yoga. Perfect attention in actions and awareness of duty is Dhyana-Yoga.

Take time to think and plan- Meditate. Then decide firm plan of actions and continue all actions with full devotion (Bhakti Yoga) until the job is done and goal is achieved. Correct decisions and actions done today and now to achieve the decided goal, is Karma-Yoga.

Law No. 6. 

Mayee Sarvani Karmani Sanyasya adiatm chatsa
Nirashi Nirmamo Bhutva Yuddhaswa Vigat Jwaraha
Gita Ch.3. V-30

"Do not keep many hopes, do not keep a sense of possessions, awaken spiritual consciousness and surrender all your actions to Me (God); but do all actions like a warrior on a battle field, if not sick".
Only human beings can judge what is right or wrong. Never remain in grip of selfish (Rajsik) desires, passion (sex-desires), angers (Krodha) and greed (Lobha). Sometimes not to act (control all Karma organs) is the correct action ! 

Summary :-

1. Every born has got to die. The day of death and birth for every living creature is also "Today". This needs deep meditation. 

2. All human beings have a God given right of doing actions- but no right ever upon the out come of their actions. Karma bind all human beings to their destiny or future. In other words each person is maker of his/her destiny. 

3. The concept of basic human rights roots from this verse. Freedom of speech, doing any job with hands, moving to any place on earth, and freedom of sex -particularly remarriage for widows etc, root from such verses of scriptures. 

4. Use common sense (intellect) according to situation. Then do actions to the best of ability and skill, with perfect attention (Dhyan) in present and sense of duty".

5. Take time to think and make good plans and decisions. Then do all actions like a warrior on a battle field, with perfect alertness.













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