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"WHO AM I ?" (Adiatma-Vidya)

Yoga meditation teaches look towards own Self. By constantly thinking about Self, the student tries to find an answer to a standard question "WHO AM I ?" The subject and the object of study is one and same- viz., one's own Self. 

Some answers to the above question are given in scriptures. They are confirmed by observing one’s own self in daily life. "I am a very small living being. I am ever bound to a Zero Time and occupying Zero Space in Universe. I can be present only at one Place at one time on Earth; But I am one Unique Unit within this perfect Universe. The bondage of Time - Place (desh-Kal), that apply to my body also apply to all living beings on the Earth - a king or a beggar, a priest or a Satan”.

The answers are confirmed by studying Karmas done by self, and meditating about events of past and present position in life. Only a few intellectuals try to achieve some material successes (Riddhi) and fame (siddhi) in life; and out of such thousand successful people only a rare soul is interested in knowing spiritual Self, eternal religion and God.

“I want to be myself”. "Be yourself" is a popular phrase in the West. Yoga meditation teaches exactly this particular subject. Yoga is an art of first knowing and than becoming ‘one-self. Meditation creates self uplifting positive thoughts and removes all negative emotions. If Yoga is studied with devotion it creates courage and self esteem.

Meditation is not as simple as it appears in Yoga books and classes of Yoga teachers. Devoted efforts for five to twelve years is an average time needed to realize pure spiritual self and reach Samadhi. Eight Steps of Yoga are like a ladder. A student cannot jump to last step in short time. He is advised to climb the ladder slowly step by step. .


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