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The word Meditation needs correct understanding.

There is great misunderstanding about some key words. They are poorly translated into English by Yoga Gurus and their English knowing disciples. Only a few common Yoga words are listed here. 

Exact meaning of some Sanskrit words. 

Atma. The correct translation of ATMA is SELF and not Soul. The second meaning of Atma is ‘One Living Individual’ or Vyakti. Most Indian Gurus translate Atma in sense of Spirit or soul. This word is understood as soul by many religious Gurus and Indian people. Correct Sanskrit word for Spirit or soul is Brahman (Bios).

Manas = Mind. Psyche. 

Aham or EGO. ‘I’ is first person singular pronoun in all languages. Sanskrit word for I is ‘Aham’, which also means EGO. Removal of all false Egos and development of correct Egos is learnt by Yoga practices.

Adhiatma Chintan = Self Meditation, finding an answer to a question “Who am I? What do I understand or refer to when I speak “I”? Yoga is a science of self knowledge (Atma-Gyan).

Chitta is a frequently used word in Yoga books, Gita and Sanskrit texts. Its closest English word is 'sub-conscious mind'. It is the second side of mind like two sides of a coin. It is a “Store-House” of past memories (Smruti) or a Read Write Memory -Disc of human brain’s computer. In subconscious mind the past experiences are stored as memories. When Chitta is not working properly one forgets the sense of time-place, events of past, names of relatives etc. This is called Amnesia (Chitta-bhrama) or memory loss.

Buddhi = Intellect, ability of logical thinking with data of past memories stored in Chitta. This is a unique human faculty not present in lower animals. In meditation this ability is activated to its maximum powers. 

Ved, Gyana = Knowledge of material objects gained as past experiences with five senses. This is mostly Audio Visual information recorded in Chitta. This provides a data for thinking, imagining and reasoning during meditation. Knowledge (Veda) means simple memory of events of past life, and knowledge of material objects and their properties.

Meditation = It is a mental exercise or scientific way of conscious thinking and reasoning to find cause and effects of events occurring in daily life. Dhayan means perfect attention in present job and it is not meditation.

Every Yoga Guru has his own concept, ways, notions and ideas about Meditation. The nearest English word translation of Meditation in Sanskrit will be Chintan and not Manan.

Hence two Sanskrit words - 'Manan and Chintan' - must be well understood.

Manan = The art and practice of Memorizing a verse, a poetry, scriptural stories, or Math Tables in schools by repeated cramming. Manan is a familiar practice to all public orators, actors, religious priests, politicians, and Yoga Gurus.

Children memorize math tables in schools by repeated chanting. Repeated chanting of short sentences (Mantras) like ‘Om Namah Shivaya', 'Hare Krishna Hare Rama' etc., or of long prose or poetry is Manan. 


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