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The word Meditation needs correct understanding. ....(contd.) 

Mantra Jap and prayers in groups in religious places create temporary peace in worried minds. It works like a rubber eraser clearing shabby writings from a paper and making it clear for new writing. All agitated minds become pacified, calm and thoughtless for a short time by 'Mantra Jap'. This trick is often used by most Gurus in India. 'Mantra Jap' arrests thoughts and memories of bad events of past, and reduces the stress of the present times. By reciting simple Mantras like OM, loudly or silently in mind, agitated mind becomes pacified. Worries and tensions end for a few moments.

Karma activities like walking, running, singing, playing some musical instrument, clapping, dancing with music also make mind thoughtless. Then one learns how to direct the flow of thoughts to one event or one object.

Manan is an age-old way for developing memory powers. By repeated speaking, chanting or writing any one can remember long paragraphs, phrases, slogans, verses, poetry or long passages of prose. Actors and lawyers who memorize dialogues do Manan. Religious students commit to memory verses of scriptures like Ramayana, Gita, Koran and Bible by Manan. Later on when they speak with emotions and acting, the audience is carried away in a zone of religious trans. They become professional priests or popular story tellers (Kathakars) and earn great wealths. A few Swamies hypnotize rich people and turn them blind followers of their personal faiths. There are such countless Guru cults (Sampradays) in India Today. 

Manan (Remembering and Speaking otherís thoughts) does not create positive thoughts. There is no originality in talks of average priests who give religious lectures from scriptures. They are doing business of religion for earning money and building their private temples.

Chintan. The closest Sanskrit word for meditation is Chintan- very close to, but not 100% translation. Chintan is art of pin pointed thinking for finding the hidden qualities within objects or effects perceived by five senses (Karya - Karana Siddhanta). Chintan and Manan are is quite different mental exercises.

Science roots from Chintan. Sir Isaac Newton saw an apple falling from a tree. By constant Chintan he discovered its cause - the natural laws of inertia, motions and gravity. Re-thinking about some past event with a new angle is also Chintan. Searching meaning of some deity Godís idol, present situation of old monuments or a possible plan of future activity is 'Chintan'. The highest ability of human mind is intellect (Buddhi). Memory of past events and perfect conscious state of mind are needed for Chintan. Kundalini powers do not develop in a day, a month or an year. 

The correct answers of true religion and one God are searched by logical thinking with intellect (Buddhi). Rigid religious beliefs from passages of scriptures or words of Gurus are not accepted as final truths in Yoga meditation.


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