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Write Your Own Auto-Biography. 

A simple and easy trick for meditation is to write your autobiography. It is not difficult to write about memories of childhood, teenage, adult life and events like marriage, deaths of relatives, different job experiences, financial gains and losses etc., etc.

Start with your birth date. Then try to answer these questions. How, and when I came in this world and got this body? Had I any choice to select my sex, beauty, physical fitness, nationality, race or religion? 

How small I am in universal dimensions of TIME and SPACE. How small I am in this village, city, country and globe earth. What changes have occurred in my body after my birth in an ever changing endless show of universe?" What is my present age and how long I am likely to live? 

Now - Ask your self , about most of your wishes and dreams of young age are fulfilled or not. Think about dreams of childhood. Have they become true TODAY or not? Try to create in mind a perfect picture of remaining wishes and definite goals and ways and means of fulfilling them. 

Make a short term plan of near future, which will be Tomorrow. This mental ability develops by regular practice of self-meditation. Unbiased Intellect (Buddhi) eliminates negative emotions like angers, greed, hate and jealousy etc.,. Understanding of limitations and equality of all human beings creates positive emotions of love, compassion, forgiveness and compromises. Develop a habit of Thinking with perfect ‘Sense of Time and Place’. 

Kundalini Shakti in Yoga is ability of thinking about, past, present and future events with perfect awareness of sequence and vision of past events in a frame of time-place, and awareness of the order of sequences. 

Now answer these questions about your future. What will happen to my property, family and city and the world when I die? Will it go on without me? How big would be my funeral? How and in what manner I would like to die? If I am given a choice of a disease before my death, what choice I would make? If you know that you are going to die exactly after seven days what will you do? Write in your notes a few points about this situation.

There is a symbolic story in Bhagvat Purana. Parikshit - an ancient king in North India gets a curse from a saint’s son, for his egoistic behavior with his saint father. The curse declared that king will die on the seventh day by snake bite. Apply this message to your own self. The Gita declares a perfect law of God. “Every born has to die”. We all know this law, but we are not conscious of this law and behave as if we are not going to die. We make endless plans of future.


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