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Write Your Own Auto-Biography.  ... (contd.)

Think by writing your thoughts on various possibilities and probabilities about the present worrying situation of your life. You will soon find the right answer and correct plan of actions about the present situation. 

In Meditation the student searches answers to such questions, for days, months and years. The student must remain physically and mentally fit, but isolated during the practices of meditation from friends and relatives.


Levels of conscious mind during meditation. 

Five different levels of conscious mind are described in Yoga. These levels merge into one another. They are not rigid water tight compartments. The terminology, examples, explanations, and meaning explained in different Yoga books, Gurus and teachers vary a great deal. The following description will help any intellectual student to understand these levels.


1. Conscious mind. (Jagruta mana). Normal waking state during a day.

2. Sub-conscious mind. (Chitta or Ardha-jagruta mana). Thinking mind.

3. Day dreaming or imagining mind. (Diwa-swapnastha mind).

4. Dreaming mind or hypnotized mind (Tandrit mana). During early sleep state one sees vague dreams (Swapnastha mana). Sleeping mind is a state of zero consciousness during sound sleep. This state is comparable to anesthesia. All voluntary muscles are relaxed and the person does not respond to external stimuli of noises and pain. 

5. Samadhi state of mind is reached only by a few great prophets like Buddha, Mahavira, Jesus, Mohammed or true saints in all countries of the world. 


To understand these levels, imagine a 100 volts electric bulb regulated by a rheostat switch. It shines at 100 volts when full switch is open. Any state less than 100 % light falls into lower zones of mind. Total darkness is deep sleep state. 



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