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Some Guidelines for Meditation.

The student has to find a quite isolated place. He will sit there with closed eyes in meditation posture. Start with some simple Pranayama described in the 4th step for first few minutes. This will pacify wandering mind and create a void or thoughtless consciousness for a few minutes. Observe this important psychological effect subjectively during Pranayama. Pranayama is just an entry step of Meditation. It work like a magic pill. Random thoughts cropping up in conscious mind disappear immediately. Mind becomes fresh and pacified. Yoga is a subjective science of self experience. A student has to try these tricks upon his or her self to experience and get convinced that mind does become thoughtless and pacified by such practices. 

Breathing is partly voluntary and partly involuntary vital system of the body. When breath stops a person dies. Pranayama develop “voluntary control” over an involuntary physiological system of body. This creates will power. Before learning higher steps of Yoga a student must learn and master some simple Pranayama.

Thoughts in mind usually run after short term pleasures derived from the five senses. When mind is peaceful higher mind or intellect (Buddhi) starts working in a positive manner. Waves of new thoughts and fresh ideas start flowing in mind. 


Four age related goals. 

We come in this world with a permit of 100 years of promised Life (from God). Hinduism divides this span into four age quarters. Four (age related) Goals are suggested. Achieve one goal during one age quarter. The four goals are called :- Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha, or Nirvana in Buddhism. 

Ashtang Yoga teaches how to achieve all four goals and live a perfect, healthy, happy spiritual life of material successes and to reach the final goal of Moksha.

1st age quarter of 25 years is - called student age - Vidyarthi Ashram. Goal indicated is Dharma (translated mostly as religion). A student gains general knowledge in school and also learns moral and obligatory duties towards Self (Atma), family, society and country.

2nd age quarter -(25 to 50 ) - is for family life in a home- Grahstha Ashram. Goal given is marriage, raise children, earn money and wealth (Artha). 

3rd age quarter (50-75) - Vanprastha Ashram. Partial retirement from job or business. Goal Kama says fulfill all wishes, worldly Desires and Ambitions. Spend some time and self earned money for humanitarian service projects in villages and remote places. 

4th or the last age Quarter (75 to death) is - Sanyas - Ashram. It teaches how to achieve- Moksha or Nirvana. Moksha means complete Liberty (or Freedom) from all worldly material bondages, family bondages and bondages of highest religious or political positions.

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