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Some Guidelines for Meditation. ....(contd.)

Set correct Goals of life according to age and present life’s social and economic position. By constant practices a yoga student gradually transcendence into a zone of consciousness of Universal time and place. Scripture like the Gita helps to reach the Samadhi step and develop TIME-PLACE awareness or super consciousness. 

Yoga is studied along with other Hindu scriptures like Manu Smruti, Upanishads, Darshans like Sankhya, Vedanta and the Bhagavat Gita (Divine song of God). Life is partly in your own hand. You are maker of your destiny according to correct or wrong Karmas done by you. When you understand this perfect law of Karma, you will SEE the ‘Perfect maker of universe or God. 

Thoughts arise in the intellectual zone. Lower mind or 'Mana' is called the 6th sense in the Gita. It is the center of feelings, emotions and self consciousness. This mind receives messages coming via the 5 senses. It perceives surrounding world of objects. Modern medical anatomy and physiology also confirm that lower mind is under inhibitory control of higher mind or intellect- located in the frontal zone of brain. 

The practice of first four steps creates a wonderful sense of well being, inner joy, self confidence and courage in most people. The student must gain victory over sensual attachments. This is difficult for average people. After this victory, student learns to develop full attention in all activities of the present day.

In Kath-upanishad, body is compared to a Chariot. The senses are the horses. Intellect (reason or ability of logic) is reins which control the horses (senses). The Egoself, mostly filled with endless wants and desires is the rider residing in lower mind. Meditation creates a perfect balance of mind, and union of subconscious mind (Chitta) and intellect. 

Yoga teaches to find divinity (holy Spirit) hidden within Self and all living beings. This is called transcendental meditation. The conscious mind (Mana) and subconscious mind (Chitta) become purified. All selfish desires, emotions like angers, hatred, jealousy, greed, violence, etc.,. vanish from mind. When the student reaches the 8th step of Samadhi, he evolves to mental level of great saints and prophets of past like Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, etc.,. This is called Moksha or Nirvana. He can See and Feel the presence of God’ at all places and in all objects. 

The aim of Yoga meditation is to discover Divine self within and unite with the maker of Universe (God). Self realization by meditation is not as easy as it sounds. 

Genuine curiosity, guidance of a selfless teacher or Guru and true knowledge of eternal religion is required for vision of invisible infinite God of Universe. 

God Bless us all, with His Divine wisdom and eternal peace of mind. OM Tat Sat. God is truth. 

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti. 

Let peace prevail, Let peace prevail, Let peace prevail

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