Misssion of website - Gandhi Gita Dharm.com - is to

(A) Propagate Views of Mahatma Gandhi in all fields and Real Message of - Religion and One God of Universe in the Gita, the most popular Indian Scripture.

(B) Bring Real World Peace, Develop Spirit of Brotherhood and Live in peace, religious tolerance and harmony at all places in World Countries by:-

  1. Correct understanding and right meaning of Word Dharm (Religion). It teaches most important two Moral Guidelines “NON-VIOLENCE AND TRUTH”, along with other practical teachings for Living a Divine Life with Noble Goals.
  2. In Gita, Religion is called Swa-Dharma. It is linked with any Individual or Self (Atma).
  3. Scientific proof of Omnipresence of One God of Universe, preached in most religions.
  4. Implement an Ideal Political System as per Vision and Views of Mahatma Gandhi.
  5. Make Use of Donations for Local Residences for Seniors, Educational aids for needy Students and Medical help to Poor Patients.

An Ideal Political System is nicely indicated in following verses.

(It is called Ram Rajya, narrated in the Epic Story of Ramanayan).

(1) Om swasti prajabhyaha paripalayantam

Nyayyen margane mahim mahishaha.

Go Brahmanebhyo shubham astu nityam

Loka samasta sukhino bhavantu……. (Samhita Mantra)

MEANING: Let rule of equal justice by a mighty noble king protecting all people, prevail in our land. Let cattle and men of wisdom ever remain happy. Let people of all classes be happy and prosperous in all respects.

(2) Kale varshantu parjanyaha,

Pruthivi sashya-shalini,

Desho ayam kshobha rahitaha,

Brahmana santu nirbhayaha…….. (Samhita Mantra)

MEANING: Let there be timely rainfall, let our mother-land remain ever green and give plenty of food and flowers. Let there be no crimes, riots and unrest in the country, and men of knowledge, wisdom and vision ever remain fearless.

(3) Om sarve bhavantu sukhinaha, sarve santu niramaya

Sarve bhadrani pashyantu, ma kashchid dukhabhag bhavet….(Upanishad Verse)

MEANING: "Let all be happy, Let all be healthy; Let all see good things in life, Let unhappiness of any kind - not come to anyone".


Bhagvan, Allah or give any name to UNIVERSAL GOD in any Language.

Gita refers as Bhagavan. GOD is perfect maker, maintainer and destroyer of all material things in ever changing Universe. This God is indicated in following popular Upanishad Verse.

Om purnam adaha, purnam eedam purnat purnam udachyate
Purnasya purnamadaya purnamevav-shishyate. (Isha-vasya Upanishad)

"That (Universe or God) is perfect; this (my body, mind, intellect and/or soul) is perfect. Perfect arises from perfect. But even if one perfect (human being, or any star) goes out from the perfect (Universe or on our Globe Earth), yet only perfect (God and Universe) will ever remain".

This was vision, preaching and dream of Ancient Visionary Rishies of India on GOD.

Dharma Sanstapanarthya Sambhavami Yuge Yuge.

There is always need for Revision of old religious preaching with passage of centuries (Dharm-Sansthapan), beliefs and socio-political guidelines indicated by great past prophets in any holy book of all religions like:–

  1. Remove of wrong and fanatic religious beliefs of heaven and hell after death, preached in all religions.
  2. It is possible to prove Today that "God of Universe is One" with facts of Science.
  3. All Human beings on Globe Earth –men and women- are HIS equal creations. This is done by learning Spirituality or “Self Knowledge” or “Who am I” (Ko Aham).
  4. This is preached in 8 Steps of ASHATANG YOGA, in Steps No 4-to-8, by Self Meditation. One has to learn limitations of Body and bondage of Space and Time (Desh-Kal Bandhan) shown in “Theory of Relativity of Einstein” along with accepting other facts and inventions of Modern Science.


Join Gandhi-Gita Dharma Sangh (society), to bring Unity and Harmony of World Religions and Real World Peace within next 10 to 25 years. This is 100 % possible.

This Unity and Harmony of World Religions can be achieved by forming Local GGDS units on pattern of Lions Clubs, Rotary clubs etc, and Starting a Gandhi Vision Political Party in India.

Start Local GGD Units for Study of Gita and all World Religions and Views of Mahatma Gandhi.

For more Details read IGDS article in this website.

With prayers to God of Universe for world peace,

My Namaskara (humble salutations) to all open minded, able intellectuals (Arjunas) in India and the world.

Om Tat Sat. (Shortest description of God.

It means, God is Truth. Gandhiji says Truth is God.


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Namaskar From Dr. H. K. Gandhi – Now Swami Dwiroop.

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