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(Based on a famous Upanishad Hymn Mrutor mam Amrutam Gamaya)
By Swami Dwiroopanand. 
Founder: Gandhi-Gita Dharm Sangh (A Forum for study and harmony of World Religions).

Someone is Coming and someone is Going, 
Someone is Awaking and someone is Sleeping, 
Someone is Sitting and someone is Running, 
Someone is Leading and someone is Following,

Someone is Wedding and someone is Separating, 
Someone is Laughing and someone is Crying,
Someone is Barking and someone is Singing,
Someone is Jumping and someone is Stumbling.

Millions are Blue and Millions are Red, 
Only a few are Green but Millions are Pale,
Only a few are Strong but Millions are Weak,
Millions are Bitter, only a few are Sweet!.

I search Thee Oh Lord, and Mystery of joy,
My Death is near, shall I SEE THEE Oh God?
THY LIGHT if seen, and my ignorance is gone,
Then Fear of Death is gone, and courage is born.

Millions do not know what things they need,
Only Wise really know what one should Seek.
No human can give, all things people want,
Only a few are conscious of the gifts they've got.

Why people are morose and think of Dying?
They know not the Limits, where Eagles are flying.
Why few are Blissful and millions so Sad?
They know not in fact - The Beginning or The End.

I dream of that day when all are in Cheers,
No Worries, no Hunger, no Guns, no Fears.
No one is Crying and the youth is Dancing,
And all are singing Divine songs for Living.

Who Gives with Faith and holy Vows, 
With Love Divine, no Hate for Foes. 
When Forgiveness of Jesus pervades all souls,
A girl can sing, She has divine goals.

From Hell who came, and to Heaven who went,
Every born has to Die, the Gita has said,
Only Prophets like Jesus and men like Gandhi,
True Scientists and Seers (of God) are IMMORTAL SOULS.

Mrutor mam Amrutam Gamaya, is a famous mantra and prayer to God from Brahad-Aranyak Upanishad. It means "Lead me to immortality from (by) my death". The spiritually evolved soul asks God to give him/her the death of a martyr, which will make him/her immortal. 

People want to go to heaven after death, but they do not want to die for going to heaven ! 

"Every born has to die", is Eternal law of God. The above poem shows a path for living with noble goals and dying like a martyr in religious field. One should not be afraid of dying for any good and noble cause. Such a death leads to immortality. People remember such souls for centuries. 

Jesus and Gandhiji died as martyrs having firm faith in God and God's work. The laws of mother-nature or Maker of the Universe (GOD) work in an equal manner upon all human beings, animals, plants, stars, suns, moons and all Galaxies. Everything- perceptible with five senses is in a non-stop motion or TIME-SPACE continuum. The possession of money, property, political power etc,. creates false Egos and illusions in minds. Such attachments and desires to get more Greed, (Lobh) makes a person to commit great sins. 

From Author's book: Mahatma Gandhi- Ambassador of God for 21st Century.

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