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A Prayer of ONE Infinite God of Universe.
By Swami Dwiroopanand. 

Founder: Gandhi-Gita Dharm Sangh (A Forum for study and harmony of World Religions).


(1) Oh Lord! Almighty, Oh Lord Oh Thee,
With Folded Our Palms and Bent our Knees,
Together, Together, Together We Pray,
Shall Share, Shall Care, Shall Bear WE Say.

(2) You are Father and Mother, and Brother Oh Lord,
You are Friend and Guide, Oh Merciful God,
You are Near and Far, and every where Oh Lord
In the Smile of a Child You are Present my God.

(3) You are Mountains and Trees, and Rivers and Sea,
You are Water and Land, and the Air I Breath,
You are Stars and Suns and Moons I See,
You are Clouds and Rains and Sky and ZEE.

(4) You are Cows and Cattle, and Birds and Bee,
You are Plants and Flowers, and Food for Me,
I Praise Thy Glory, with Bent my Knees
Forgive me, Forgive us, for Sinful Deeds.

(5) You are TIME and SPACE, So Life and Death,
Beyond Heaven and Hell, and Mind and Brain,
Thy Sound I Hear, and Feel THY Smell,
In Wisdom and Hearts, of Saints You Dwell.

(6) Thou Sendth Thy Message of Love and Faith,
Through Brave and Noble, Thy Sons Oh! God,
A Message of Courage and Confidence, in Giving,
To Depressed and Needy the Joy of Being.

(7) In North and South, and West and East,
As Tao, and Buddha, and Moses and Christ,
As Krishna and Rama, and Mohammed and Me,
In Mecca, and Mithra, In Bethle Oh Thee.

(8) Thy Cross let Enrich Our Scripts and Spirits,
Thy Mercy as Conviction, with Love Divine,
Beyond Nations and Flags, and Cults and Creeds,
I Feel thy Presence, in The Truthful Deeds.

(9 As Father and Mother, and Knowledge and SHREE 
As friend, and Brother and Teacher you help Me, 
Thy kingdom is perfect, and Amazing Oh! God,
In Unity and Diversity, I SEE THEE Oh Lord.

(10) I Thank THEE Oh Lord for THY Gift of Life, 
With Folded my Hands and Bent my Knees.
Together, Together, Together, I Pray
Shall Share, Shell Suffer with Joy, I Say

ZEE = Zero. (I AM VERY SMALL Zero in universal diamentions). SHREE = Wealth, Money. (Laxmi- in Sanskrit) 

I wrote this prayer in 1983 while I was recovering from a serious attack of hemiplegia. Its theme comes from a popular Gujarati poem of poet Nanalal, which I learnt during my school days. It covers the theme of all Vedas, all Upnishads and the Gita. This prayer expresses Hindu belief of One Invisible Supreme Infinite God, who is visible in HIS diversity of forms and qualities. They are called Devas (angles) and Devies in scriptures. Formless invisible God could only be realized by a path of Bhakti, practice of Karma Yoga and Self -Meditation. 

From Author's book: Mahatma Gandhi- Ambassador of God for 21st Century.

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