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Founder - Swami Dwiroop

Blessings from Swami Sachidanandji 

Congratulations - Mukundbhai C. Trivedi

International Gandhi- Gita Dharma Sangh. (IGDS). 

What is IGDS ? & It's Aims.

How to Start a Local IGDS unit in your area. 

Why I should join IGDS ?

Astang Yoga

Introduction to ASTANG (or RaJ) YOGA of Patanjali.

History of Raj Yoga, Patanjali Yoga, Astanga-Yoga or 8 steps of Yoga.

Raj Yoga is a science of spirituality.

Last step of Samadhi & Summary.

8 STEPS OF Ashtang- Yoga IN BRIEF

Why Study Yoga ? & benefits of Astang Yoga !


What Is Meditation

Who Am I ?

The word Meditation needs correct understanding !

The word Meditation needs correct understanding ! ... contd.

Write your own Auto-Biography.

Write your own Auto-Biography. ... contd.

Some Guidelines for Meditation.

Some Guidelines for Meditation. .... contd.







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