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Swami Dwiroopanand. [DR. H. K. GANDHI in the past.]
on FEB 15, 2003 

Birth Date:

Nov.- 16 - 1924 (age 79). 

Family :

Father died at my age of 6 months. Raised and educated by a widow mother.
Married with Jashoda in 1943. Father of 3 daughters, 2 sons and 10 grand children, all USA citizens.


Graduated in 1950 from K. E. M. Hospital- Bombay (1945 to 50).
Participated in Quit India movement in 1942 during school and Medical college days. 

Past Profession :

Family Practice in the village of Naroda (Nr. Ahmedabad) from 1951 to 81. Immigrated to USA in 1981.

Past Social Activities in India. 

In field of Education: Founded a Charitable Trust which started a High School in Naroda area. This village school which started in 1958 with 250 students, teaches today 3000 students.

Medical Association:

For 8 years Ahmedabad Medical Society WC Member. Once its secretary, Ex- Vice-president Gujarat State Branch of IMA. Founder President of a new IMA Branch in Naroda. 


Lions International: Charter member (1970). President in 1975. Lions Dist. Governor's Cabinet Member in Gujarat - INDIA.
Lions Club of Naroda started a maternity home and English Medium High school in Naroda area during 1973 - 75. We arranged a Free cataract operation camp for 108 patients. Gave free food to patients and one relative for seven days and gave them free glasses. 
Active in schools and human service projects in the villages of India.

Present Activities in USA: 

Writer of Religious books on Hinduism and world religions. 
Yoga teacher. Gives FREE Yoga classes, talks on Gita, Indian philosophy and world religions.


A: Magazines: 
Gandhi-Gita Dharma Sandesh (2000) * 3 issue of ABC of Hinduism Magazines. (during 1995 - 99)
B: Books: 
(1) ABC of Hinduism (1988) for Indian children staying abroad and 
(2) Mahatma Gandhi- Ambassador of God for 21st century- a religio-political book in 1992. 
(3) Eight books in Gujarati on Gita, Yoga and Vedanta.
C: Audio-Tapes:
40 Audio Tapes (In Gujarati & English) on religious subjects like Gita, Hinduism, Karma theory, Yoga, Comparative Religions, Sermons on Mount, Hinduism and Islam, etc.,.

Future Plans and Projects:

To publish Free Magazines of 'Gandhi-Gita Dharma Sandesh' ; For growing youth of all religions and open minded intellectuals. It presents religio-political views of Mahatma Gandhi and Gita with facts of science and Einstein's theory. Gita declares equality of all human beings- men and women and worship of One Infinite God. This can be confirmed by Yoga and Gita study and knowing true divine spiritual Self within us.
Plans to start a study forum "International Gita Gandhi Dharma Sangh (IGDS)". IGDS will preach and propagate the real message of the Gita and religio-political views of Mahatma Gandhi. Local units of IGDS will publish GGDS to educate open minded people. People must learn good points from all religions. This will bring world peace by understanding of One God, and correct meaning of the word Religion.

Goals of International Gita Gandhi Dharma Sangh (Forum) IGDS.:

Removal of untouchability.
Women education in villages.
Construct & maintain Gandhi Halls and GGDS-Senior
  Shelters (Ashrams) and GGDS run schools.
Medical facilities in many village areas. 
Simple life style for priests.
Preach One God worship.
Discourage living Guru worship & Guru- Dynasties.
Discourage Fire Rituals. 
Ownership and management of all Temples by local
Stop worship of mystic Idol deities in Hinduism.

For Raj Yoga & Gita Classes Contact : Swami Dwiroopanand: (Dr. H. K. Gandhi)











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