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Why Study Yoga?

(1) For Scientific Proof of One God of Universe (Monotheism).

(2) To Learn the True and Eternal Religion (Sanatan Dharm) of all human beings.


Yoga is a wonderful art and science of Religious and Cultural heritage of India. Ashtang Yoga is only its one section, but it has Universal application. It means this Yoga is useful at all times, for individuals of any age, sex, faith or nationality, speaking any language in all parts of the world.

This study removes many negative emotions like angers, hatred, jealousy, greed, false fears etc.,. and creates positive mental attitude of universal brotherhood and love. Complete course of the eight steps of Yoga and its daily practice leads any devoted student to a spiritual zone of Transcendental Meditation and Bodhi-Chitta and Nirvana. A Real Yogi is a fearless divine soul. 

He/she does many benevolent acts (Karma) in his life. Yoga study promises good health of body and mind bringing a long happy life (100 years) with peace of mind and successes and achievements.


To remember Purpose and Scope of YOGA - Remember Four alphabets - Y O G A -


Y = Know your-self. This is study of self, or who am I? It unfolds (Brahman or atman), 
      the holy spirit or soul within all of us.

O = Meditate on Zero of TIME and Zero of SPACE. This leads to realization that laws of
      God or mother nature (prakruti) govern universe and all non-living objects and living 
      beings in an equal and perfect manner. 

G = Good health of body, mind, intellect and blissful state of Soul. God search by self
      realization. Meditate about immortal spirit or higher pure divine soul within. IT is
      beyond Time and Space. Get courage of doing Good deeds and fighting fearlessly 
      against the evil doers.

A = Achieve many material successes and noble goals in life. People remember such
      souls is the meaning of Immortality.


Correct knowledge of Yoga and its application in daily life leads to:-


LONG SURVIVAL. (Dirgha-aaushya) = Long life and good health.

SUCCESSES (Siddhies) = Good name, fame (Kirti), Self esteem & welcome; and immortality by knowledge of true self or Divine soul within. 

PROSPERITY (Riddhi) = Money and happiness gained by material things; high political and religious positions and fulfillment of all dreams and desires.


All such good points are symbolized in the Idol of Lord Ganesh. It must inspire us to become a leader in any field. Become a “Good Leader” in any field is the symbolic meaning of the Idol of Elephant headed Lord Ganesh.



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